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Armadillo Supply is a Factory Direct ZAMP SOLAR Dealer

ZAMP SOLAR products are the latest technology, giving you the freedom to stay when and where you wish. Features like the waterproof/weatherproof controller and electronically matched components make  ZAMP SOLAR a perfect choice . We work directly with factory specialists.

Class A Crystalline

All of our solar panels use Class A crystalline solar cells. Class A is the highest quality solar cell available. Using class A solar cells enables us to deliver a 25 year power output warranty on most of our solar cells.

Thick Aluminum Frame 

All of our solar panels, excluding the flexible solar panels, have a brushed aluminum frame and tempered glass for a beefy structural integrity. Our frames have compressed corners, no rivets or screws/bolts. Compressed corners will not loosen with the increase and decrease in temperature, thus no maintenance is needed on the solar panel frame itself. Our smaller panels come with thick plastic corners, not to protect the solar panel but to protect the surroundings.

Fiber Glass Backing and Sealed 

The back of the solar cell has a fiberglass backing giving yet more structure to the solar panel. The fiberglass back, frame and glass on the front are all glued together creating a highly sealed solar panel. This helps prevent any moisture from entering the solar cells and corroding the electrical circuits.     

We became interested in solar power when we were stranded without electricity. Solar power now keeps the refrigerator, lights and water pump running in our RV. Having a power source is not just a convenience, it is a safety factor.

Zamp Portable Solar Kits for RV, Camping & Battery Maintenance

Zamp Portable Solar Kits clip on any battery & also have the Zamp Solar connector to plug in if your RV has a port with the ZAMP logo. All Portable Units include the New Digital Deluxe Weatherproof/Waterproof Solar Charge Controller. The LED lights indicate charge status and battery condition. An LCD screen indicates battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity, battery types and fully charged. 

  • UV rated wiring harness with an estimated 15 year lifespan. 
  • Solid, sturdy, strong Legs thay fold out and stay out and fold in and stay in.  
  • EZ-View Solar Charge Controller Mount - No need to bend over to see the status of your solar charge controller. EZ-View Solar Charge Controller mount is spring loaded to stay in place and easy to tilt and view.
  • Heavy duty storage case is included

Solar Plug System - Our design makes it convenient and functional. 

Just clip the included cable onto the battery and set the type of battery on the controller

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Zamp Solar 200 Watt Portable Solar Panel Charging Kit for RV & Camping

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Zamp Solar 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel Charging Kit for RV & Camping

This Zamp Portable Solar Charging Kit for RV & Camping provides 8.94 Amps of charging power. The perfect size for most large RV's and  off grid applications. Ideal for 2 Group 27 and larger batteries

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Zamp Solar 120 Watt Portable Solar Charging Panel Kit for RV & Camping

This Zamp Solar Portable Solar Charging Kit for RV & Camping is designed to work well with dual batteries. Use 6 volt batteries in series or 12 volt batteries in parallel. Will charge up to 60 amps per day. 

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Zamp Solar 80 Watt Portable Solar Charging Panel Kit for RV & Camping

This Zamp Solar Portable Solar Charging Kit for RV & Camping provides 4.6 amps. Recommended for use on single 27-31 group 12v batteries.

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Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Solar Charging Panel Kit for RV & Camping