Deluxe Roof Mounted Solar Kits


With our Deluxe Hardwired Solar Kits we have done the calculations for efficiency and provide a kit that will allow MORE POWER! A complete solar charging system.

Each Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kit Includes.

  • Class A Monocrystalline High Efficiency, Highest Quality Solar Panel
  • PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • 25 Feet of Wire to Allow up to 450 Watts of Solar with all Wire Connectors (Butt Splice Connectors, Ring Terminal Connectors)
    • Our wire is made of high quality and purchased from an American company – any wiring that needs to be done is wired at our Bend, OR shop.
  • Pre-Wired 3 Port Zamp Solar Roof Cap for Easy Installation
  • Solar Panel Mounting Feet with Hardware to Connect Panel to Feet
  • Inline Fuses with Properly Sized Fuses

*This chart is designed to help clarify what solar system would be best based on battery configuration. It is not a comprehensive way to decide on what solar system will work best for a particular situation. Camp location, weather patterns and power usage should also be taken into consideration. Fairly cloudy areas will require larger solar systems. Some RV’ers have insufficient battery banks for their power consumption and should have their system better configured for their usage.


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