Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Solar Charging Panel Kit for RV & Camping

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Each 40 watt kit comes with a 8 amp PWM, 5 stage weatherproof digital deluxe solar charge controller already mounted on a bracket, 16 feet of wire, solar plug system with battery terminal clamps and a ballistic nylon carrying case. Three indicator lights showing Fault (any errors) | Charging (solar is charging the battery) | Full (battery is fully charged).

Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Solar Charging System

Setup in less than 5 minutes.

Our Portable Solar Charging System can be used as a single power source for maintaining and charging a battery. Our portable solar systems can also be used as an add-on power source to your currently solar system. Use one or more of these to add more power.

The Zamp Solar 40 Watt Portable Solar Charging System features our lightweight 8 Amp solar charge controller mounted on a steel bracket. The Zamp Solar 8 Amp Solar Charge Controller is a 5 stage PWM solar charge controller that’s waterproof and weatherproof. 3 indicator lights show – Faults (any errors) | Charging (solar is charging the battery) | Full (battery is full and solar is maintaining).

This 40 watt Portable Solar Charging kit provides 2.3 amps of charging power per hour under optimal sun conditions. Depending on where you live and what time of year will depend on how many hours of optimal sunlight you can expect to receive. Typically we use an average of 6 or 7 hours for the summer and 4 to 5 hours for the winter. Commonly these figures are lower than expected.

Great for small travel trailers, truck campers, camper vans and single battery systems.

What’s included -

  • 2 – Class A High Efficiency, Highest Quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels
    • Compressed Aluminium Frame
    • Tempered glass (ability to withstand a golf ball sized hail stone at 60 mph)
    • Attached EZ-Slide Legs – no bolts or wing nuts
    • Carrying Handle and Two Plated Clasp for Transport
  • Zamp Solar Built in 8 Amp PWM Weatherproof Solar Charge Controller on Mounted Bracket
    • Multi-color LED Indicator Lights for Operational Status
    • Operators Manual Included
  • 16′ Wiring Harness with Alligator Battery Clamps and Zamp Solar Plug System
    • UV Rated Wire with Estimated 15 yr Lifespan
    • With Fuse Holder and Fuse
  • Ballistic Nylon Case with Heavy Duty Zippers


Zamp Solar Roof/Sidewall Solar Plug | ZS-RV-Roof/Sidewall

The alligator battery clamps simply disconnect and can be stored at a time when needed. The Roof/Sidewall solar plug gets wired directly to the battery or battery bank.

The Roof/Sidewall Solar Plug can be installed on battery boxes, RV sidewalls and roofs. The port is configured to receive the plug on the Portable Solar wire. This eliminates the hassle of opening up the battery box and working in the tight battery compartment space. It also eliminates the mistake of reversing the polarity of the alligator battery clamps connected to the battery terminals.

Technical Details -

Portable SizeWattsAmps/HrWeightDimension OpenDimension Closed
ZS-40-P402.319.85 lbs.28x19x1.5"14x19x3"
ZS-80-P804.5827 lbs.42x22x1.5"21x22x3"
ZS-120-P1206.8433 lbs.41x35x1.5"21x35x3"
ZS-160-P1609.434.35 lbs.40x39.5x1.5"20x39.5x3"
ZS-200-P20011.4247 lbs.54x40x1.5"27x40x3"