160 Watt Deluxe Hardwired Solar Kit

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160 Watts of solar CHARGING power with two available ports for additional solar power. This  Class A Monocrystaline solar panel delivers 8.9 amps per hour in optimal conditions.  

Want to add a panel? Not a problem, these systems can be mixed and matched with other panels as long as the voltage matches.  




  • 1 - 160 Watt Zamp Solar Solar Panel
    • Class A Moncrystalline - Highest Efficiency, Highest Quality
    • 58 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 1 3/8
    • 26.9 lbs
    • 8.9 amps per hour under optimal light
  • 30 Amp Digital Deluxe Solar Controller
    • 5 Stage - Soft, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization and Float Charges
    • PWM
    • LED Read Out Light
    • LCD Read Out
  • Zamp Solar Pre-Wired 3 Port Roof Cap
    • UV Rated Roof Cap
    • Auto Breaker for Wire and Panel Protection
    • Pre-wired Zamp Solar Ports (screwed and sealed) 
  • Zamp Solar "Z" Bracket Mounting Feet for panel(s)
  • 10' UV Rated Solar Panel Wire - Pre-wired with Zamp Solar Plug (Fits to Roof Cap)
  • 25' UV Rated Zamp Solar Roof Cap to Solar Controller to Battery Wire (Pre-Wired with Ring Terminals)
  • Circuit Breaker, Butt Connectors, Battery Terminal Rings