Internet Special - 320 Watt Deluxe Solar Kit

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Deluxe 320 Watt RV solar kit is a great RV solar kit. 320 Watts is enough power to recharge batteries in large RV’s from daily use. 2 – 160 Watt crystalline panels to push in over 16 amps per hour into the battery.

The average boon-docking or dry camping RV’er/Camper is likely to use between 20 and 30 Amps a day. On an average summer day of 6 to 7 hours of optimal sun light expect to get 100 to 117 amps per day.

With our Deluxe 320 Watt RV Solar Kit there is still one extra available solar port for adding more solar from our Deluxe Expansion Kits. These deluxe solar kits are designed to hold a total of 480 Watts of solar power or up to 25 Amps of charging power.

Optional Items that are included with this Internet Special Kit

The Optional Digital Remote Controller Display (Included with this Internet Special) with 9 foot Cable allows the Controller to be mounted in close proximity to the battery(s) and the Remote Display in a more user friendly location.

The Optional Battery Temperature Sensor (Included with this Internet Special) with 9 foot cable plugs into the Controller

320 Watts with two 160 Watt Class A, Monocrystaline Zamp Solar Panels. 18 Amps per hour under optimal conditions. 

And still, one more solar panel port available for more power if needed.




    • 2 - 160 Watt Zamp Solar Solar Panel w/10' Cables & 8 Mounting Brackets
      • Class A Moncrystalline - Highest Efficiency, Highest Quality
      • 58 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 1 3/8 per panel
      • 25.4 lbs per panel
      • 16.8 amps per hour under optimal light
    • 30 Amp Digital Deluxe Solar Controller w/15' Cable
      • 5 Stage - Soft, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization and Float Charges
      • PWM
      • LED Read Out Light
      • LCD Read Out
    • Zamp Solar Pre-Wired 3 Port Roof Cap
      • UV Rated Roof Cap
      • Auto Breaker for Wire and Panel Protection
      • Pre-wired Zamp Solar Ports (screwed and sealed) 
    • Zamp Solar "Z" Bracket Mounting Feet for panel(s)
    • 10' UV Rated Solar Panel Wire - Pre-wired with Zamp Solar Plug (Fits to Roof Cap)
    • 25' UV Rated Zamp Solar Roof Cap to Solar Controller to Battery Wire (Pre-Wired with Ring Terminals)
    • Circuit Breaker, Butt Connectors, Battery Terminal